Why to learn Spanish?



Every year there are more and more people eager to learn Spanish and in many cases they’d like to learn it in Spain.

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world with almost 450 million people speaking it! Would you like to become one of them?

In this article, we’re going to give you some reasons why you should come and learn Spanish right here in Granada.

Where to learn Spanish?

We offer you to learn Spanish in Granada. It’s a city located in Andalucia, in the south of Spain. You could enjoy its amazing climate, the sun and a great offer for tourists.
Do you know what else you could do in Granada?

Visit the Alhambra

Granada is a city with an important Moorish influence. The palace complexes of the Alhambra and the Generalife are the most important legacy left by the Moors in Granada.

You will have a wonderful walk through its palaces and gardens, discover some real works of art in each ceiling, wall or hallway and you will be able to experience a part of the history of Granada in person.

aprender español en granada

Have a walk through the Albaicin

One of the most charming districts in Granada is the Albaicin. If you decide to learn Spanish in Granada, you cannot miss a route through its cobbled streets full of charm.

From the Albaicín you can reach the Mirador de San Nicolás and admire the Alhambra in the distance. In this place Bill Clinton enjoyed one of the most beautiful afternoons in his life.

Also, be careful not to miss a walk along the famous Paseo de los Tristes, described by many as the most romantic walk in Granada.

Clases de español para extranjeros

What do you prefer – beach or mountain?

If you can’t make up your mind, thanks to the excellent location that Granada has, you will be able to enjoy both and in less than an hour away from the city centre!

If you like nature, in Sierra Nevada you can enjoy activities both in winter and in summer: skiing or snowboarding, hiking trails, bicycle routes and many other activities that are offered throughout the year.

On the other hand, if you prefer to visit the coast, we recommend diving in La Herradura, a place of nature full of marine biodiversity.

clases de español en Granada

Enjoy the gastronomy

One of the most typical activities in Granada is to go out with friends to have tapas: every drink you have will be accompanied by a small portion of food. In most bars you can choose from a wide variety.

You will also enjoy the rich Andalusian and Granada cuisine, in the wide variety of restaurants that you can find around the city.

Aprender español en Language House Granada

Making new friends

Granada is a university city which is reflected in a wide range of leisure activities and its night and student atmosphere. You can find many places to have a drink after dinner or go partying, where you will meet new friends.

Also, it is a city that receives many Erasmus students throughout the year, you can meet people from different parts of the world!
Have we convinced you to come and learn Spanish in Granada?

amigos aprendiendo español en Granada

How to learn Spanish in Granada?

In Language House Granada we have available different Spanish courses for foreigners: courses of 15, 20 or 30 lessons per week.

We have native and highly qualified teachers that have a great experience in teaching Spanish.

With our courses you will achieve a complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture as we combine classes with complete programs of social activities, leisure as well as excursions and visits to other nearby towns.

The best thing about our courses of Spanish is that we adapt the clases completely to your level to make it easier for you, so you could have an enjoyable learning experience.

Do you need more information about our courses? Ask us!

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